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The new single 'End Up' tells the story of a man who has fallen on hard times, and turns to desperate and questionable measures in order provide for himself and his partner. But his secrecy surrounding his illicit activities carries a heavy price...


The accompanying visuals consist of 3 shorts that last just under 60 seconds in length. Each part will highlight different areas of the song, while continuing the overall narrative. The 3 parts will be released within a week of each other, starting Friday (19/01). When the story concludes in part 3, the full song will be "unlocked" on all streaming platforms.


'End Up' will be the leading single from my second mixtape, which will be dropping later this year.


In the meantime, I want to thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.


- Drew Iain -


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Produced by The Legion (Legion Beats)

Vocals Recorded & Mixed by Ryan Jordan at AR Studios

Additional Vocals by Ryan Jordan & Rowan Armiger

Music Video/Photography by Tom Damsell Imagery 

Sound Design by Ryan Jordan

Artwork by Von Boom Industries




Ryan Davies

Alana Jones

Rowan Armiger

Xander Davies

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